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Graphic Design Services from Z promotion & design

Creating an Image that Establishes your Brand

Creating an image is an essential part of branding your business. Your image, or identity, is what clients think of when they think of your brand. It leaves a lasting impression in the mind and in doing so, helps clients remember you.

Creating an image for your brand is simple and painless. All you need is the right logo, typeface, and color scheme. When used consistently throughout all of your advertising and collateral materials, this combination will establish "your look" and make a statement about who you are. Let’s look at an example:

When a prospective client leaves your showroom with a handful of catalogs and sales sheets from Sub-Zero/Wolf, PyroLave, Dekkor and three of your cabinet manufacturers… how do you package these materials?

Do you put them in a pocket folder that showcases your brand?

Will they remember which designer gave them all this great information?

Will it be easy for them to contact you in three days? Three weeks? Three months??

It is also important to think about how you are perceived by clients when they meet you for the first time. How do prospective clients perceive your brand when they see your magazine ad or TV commercial, or thumb through your brochure at a home show or the parade of homes?

Creating an image establishes your brand and allows clients to see you in exactly the way you want to be perceived!

At Z promotion & design, we can help you develop your brand along with all the advertising and collateral materials you need to imprint your identity in the minds of your clients. Contact us today to discuss image ideas, and be sure to check out our online portfolio for samples of our work.




What They Are Saying About
Z promotion & design

Paul McDonald
Royal Cabinet Company - Hillsborough, NJ

“I met Phil Zaleon during the fall of 2001. It was nice to be able to meet with a graphic design / marketing specialist at a conference for one important reason: we needed more help with marketing our company than we did in finding another hardware vendor.

As soon as I looked at Phil's portfolio, I knew that his graphic design ability could help us develop marketing materials that project our company as being the best at what we do... Phil's working style is unlike many graphic design / marketing people - he does not automatically fall in love with his first concept and then spend the remaining time trying to convince you how good it is. Rather, Phil was very willing to work interactively with me until we had just the look we wanted.”


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