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eNewsletters from Z promotion & design

Z promotion & design, your dedicated Kitchen & Bath marketing partner, is offering an HTML, email-based newsletter service to help you keep track of your clients and build your business. Get results you can see at a price you can afford!

Why invest in an eNewsletter service?

  • You need to know your clients, and you need to keep in touch with them in order to retain their business. According to a recent study, up to 70% of consumers now shop online before going to a retail store to make a purchase. What better way to inform your clients about upcoming projects and special deals than through an online channel such as e-mail? An eNewsletter is an excellent and inexpensive way to touch base with your clients and let them know what is going on within your company. You can also track who is reading your newsletter and customize your message to appeal to different segments within your target market (and within your e-mail list). Finally, by including a link on your company’s website, you can reach out to potential clients and extend your business to new customers.

How it works…

  • When you sign up with Z promotion & design, we set up your personal account and create an HTML-formatted newsletter that reflects the look and feel of your showroom—brand. Then you send us a bulleted list of your message requirements and leave it to us to build an eNewsletter that communicates your brand and your wishes. It is seamless, smooth and effective.

    Once your eNewsletter is ready to go, the next step is to send it out to your clients and begin building a robust database of contacts. Z promotion & design will manage your contacts and ensure that your eNewsletter is delivered per your requests. We can even organize your contacts by segment and tailor your message to cater to individual segments, allowing you to capitalize on special deals or events that may appeal to any one segment more than another.

Why partner with Z promotion & design?

  • As the kitchen and bath industry's premier marketing partner, it is our job to help you do better business and maximize your profits. In order to do that, you need informed customers who don’t have to dig to find the information they need. At Z promotion & design, we know the industry and we know how to get the information to your customer before they start looking.


  • An eNewsletter is a very cost effective way to reach a lot of clients, old and new. Email or call (919.932.4600) to discuss starting your own eNewsletter today.

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What They Are Saying About
Z promotion & design

Barry Stephens
Zehnder America, Inc.

“When Zehnder America was entering the Portland, OR market, we wanted to have an impact in the consumer segment of the area. We worked with Z promotion and design, and we were very happy with the results. And we think that we will reap residual results in the future as well.

Z promotion and design was easy to work with, the process made our graphic designer happy, and we ended up with a very good introduction to the Northwest market. I will consider working with Z promotion and design again when we look to additional key markets for Zehnder Towel Radiators.”


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