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What is an Integrated Marketing Plan?

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Every business should have one.

Think of an Integrated Marketing Plan as a road map for your business. It is a plan designed to take you from wherever you are today to wherever it is you want to be in the future in terms of your sales goals and growth expectations. With an effective Integrated Marketing Plan in place, instead of just sitting back and waiting, hoping to see your sales figures double, you will have a guide to help you take the appropriate actions to make your business explode. Let’s take a closer look…

Everybody’s gotta start somewhere.

An Integrated Marketing Plan isn’t something that’s developed on a whim. On the contrary, it is a logical plan that is carefully crafted based on the funds and resources you have available, as well as the media at your disposal by which to disseminate your message. At Z promotion & design, we work you to help you maximize those funds and resources through the most effective communication channels, so that you can achieve your goals and get the most out of your plan. Here is a basic rule of thumb to follow when planning your marketing budget:

Planning Your Integrated Marketing Budget:

Age of Business

Percentage of Gross Sales

New Business

7% - 10%

2-3 Years Old

5% - 7%

Established Business

3% - 5%

*1st year of your marketing plan

*Plan to add 2%-4% for initial development

Sections to Include in Your Plan:

Your marketing plan should include the following sections.

  • Market Analysis

The purpose of this section is to analyze current market trends and evaluate your competitive strengths and weaknesses. This includes defining your target market segment(s) as well as closely examining the market in search of opportunities and threats. Opportunities are resources that may open doors for new business; threats are issues that may stand in the way of your success, such as your competitor across town who already has a stellar marketing plan in place.

  • Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing Strategy is how you will achieve the goals and numbers set forth in your marketing objectives. It includes specific details—tactics—that you will put into action to get the results you desire. Budget guidelines for sales and distribution are determined in this section.

  • Communications Strategy

Your Communications Strategy includes the message you would like to send to your target, along with the vast array of media and specific channels you plan to use to reach your target. And, of course, budget guidelines to help keep you on track!

  • Plan of Action

This section is where your road map comes to life and the step by step path for implementing your campaign becomes clear. All marketing tasks and responsibilities are assigned here, and everybody knows who is doing what, when, where, why, and how. All that’s left to do now is… do it!

Creating an effective Integrated Marketing Plan involves a lot of “doing” before you can ever start doing it. That’s why Z promotion & design exists. Contact us today to get your Marketing Plan in the works and your business on the road to a new level of success!



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Ken Peterson, CKD
SEN Design Group - Chapel Hill, NC

“Phil Zaleon embodies THE BEST of what a marketing expert for kitchen and bath dealers should be. First of all, he listens well and understands the unique needs of the business, having become a proven specialist in this field. Second, he draws upon a vast professional experience to develop creative solutions, media plans, and websites that are on the mark and cost-effective. Third, he is quick, responsive, handles budgets and deadlines well. Fourth, he is a team-player with integrity so he helps you make sound business decisions in marketing with regard to your bottom line ... not his.

In short, in 34+ years in this industry, I have neither met a more exceptional TALENT, nor a more exceptional VALUE in small business marketing.”


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