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Kitchen & Bath Design News

"Book Marks"
November 2006

A is for Advertising...B is for Branding
Lulu Press

Written by the Kitchen & Bath Design News contributing writer Phil Zaleon and available from Lulu Press, A is for Advertising...B is for Branding provides kitchen and bath professionals with a comprehensive yet user-friendly guide to key marketing practices and strategies.

Drawing on his experience as an award-winning designer and TV producer, and owner of marketing and creative agency z promotion & design, the author provides a host of tips and tricks to help kitchen and bath professionals become more effective at marketing their products and services.

Neither are these strategies exclusive to high-budget dealerships. Rather, they can be applied to kitchen and bath dealerships of all sizes and makeups, whether located in a showroom, a studio, or independently in the designer’s own home.

Organized into 26 easy-to-read sections, the book takes an alphabetical tour of some of the key aspects of successful marketing, from Advertising to Zip Codes, and shows how design professionals can incorporate these into their businesses.

Topics covered include branding strategies, demographics, financing, graphic design, home shows, jingles, leads, referrals, target markets, unique selling propositions, video presentations and much more.

Particular attention is given to creative marketing ideas that can be employed by those with a limited budget, for instance, capitalizing on e-newsletters, strategic partnerships, client testimonials, database marketing and the like.

However, for those able to devote greater resources to their marketing efforts, he suggests plenty of helpful ideas for maximizing marketing dollars through creative collateral materials, showroom videos, quality photography and a state-of-the-art Web site.

Information is delivered in simple, easy-to-digest sections, with plenty of bulleted hints and suggestions designed to help kitchen and bath dealers and designers enhance their marketing savvy and become more competitive. Thought-provoking quotes from a diverse array of experts (from the American Marketing Association to the Wharton School) kick off each section, many of which include specific plans of action to help get readers started.

The author’s knowledge of the kitchen and bath industry is evident in the book’s industry-specific focus, making it a valuable resource to assist kitchen and bath retailers in cost-effectively branding their business, increasing their referrals, growing their revenue and enhancing their bottom line.

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A is for Advertising... B is for Branding...

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